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Where I live flooding is a concern, both flash flooding, and more so flooding from the Colorado River. This is a simple page containing links to the resources I use to watch the weather in general, plus trying to stay a step ahead of any flooding. This page is easier for me to use rather than book marks, since I can always get to this page from any device.


Colorado River LCRA Gauge near Webberville

This gauge is pretty new. Data starts on December 15th, 2015 13:55 for stage, and flow/CFS shows up on January 1st, 2016 12:10. Somewhere around mid May 2016, they made adjustments to the flow calculation, improving it's accuracy. A few months before on Halloween weekend, the area had one of the worst floods in decades. Not sure if that flood prompted the installation of this gauge, but it may have. The gauge is maintained by LCRA, and this data was downloaded from their site.

This chart shows the gauge up to Nov 3rd, 2019. I've marked the three highest peaks, along with Harvey from 2017 for reference. I haven't flooded during this time, though it's possible some others have.